Chenault Consulting, Inc, is a New Mexico corporation specializing primarily in Oil and Gas related Project Management and Maintenance.  We opened our corporate office in 1999, in Bloomfield, New Mexico.  We moved our corporate office to Farmington, New Mexico in 2006.  With our continued commitment to providing the best service possible to our clients, safety oriented personnel and a strong work ethic we now have over 130 employees with offices in Denver, Colorado and Midland, Texas.

Chenault’s Construction and Inspection Department offers inspection of pipeline construction, well facilities, compressor sites and pipeline facilities from their conception to completion with accurate, detailed reports to assure that our clients remain on schedule within their budget.  We also offer Line Locating and Right of Way services for your project.

Our Maintenance Department handles primary functions after your construction project is complete.  We do pipeline pigging operations for the increase of production and valve maintenance.  Our Cathodic protection department will ensure the safe and economical operations of your systems and wells. We also do lease management with our highly trained and experienced operators.

Our professional Surveying and Drafting department can provide you with the most up to date plats, maps and legal descriptions no matter how small or large your project may be.  We use state of the art computer and drafting programs to provide a broad range of services to our clients.  The Survey department does both conventional and Global Positioning surveying for your every need.


Since its beginning Chenault Consulting Inc. management have based the business on Safety, stressing to all employees that not only do they have the right to Stop any unsafe act they see but, it is Chenault Consulting Inc. expectation that each and every one of our employees are prepared to do this, every employee is expected to be a Safety leader regardless of their job classification. When all employees “buy into” a Safe working environment and promote a Safety culture the workforce and the company benefit.